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If your environmentally sensitive project has a shortage of water, it may be a candidate for water reuse through wastewater reclamation. Our professional engineers can provide you with design and consulting services on a variety of innovative wastewater technologies.


With our innovative approaches to wastewater engineering, we may be able to make your otherwise undevelopable site usable. You'll get environmental advantages and flexibility to accommodate the development at hand from our wastewater team.


Experienced wastewater engineering for your development project

Adams & Clark, Inc. has successfully designed, constructed, and maintained these types of systems, including first-time breakthroughs in several jurisdictions and one Canadian province not previously allowing innovative approaches.


With these past successes, we can bring you more options for your potential development, which may not have been available previously.

Innovative approaches with proven results

Wastewater reclamation provides water reuse for your water-limited environmentally sensitive projects.

Call today and have your project challenges met with us.



Treatment to potability

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