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You'll value how smoothly your residential housing project comes together when we manage it for you. We stay on top of every detail along the way for you.


From single and multi-family housing to planned unit development, we can handle all your needs from permitting and planning to project management.

Residential Housing  

You'll find professional design services for a wide variety of project types at Adams & Clark, Inc.

Call today and have your project challenges met with us.


Planning your senior living and assisted care project development can have special challenges beyond regulatory and permitting issues.


We specialize in meeting project challenges. Take a look at some of our senior housing cut sheets for examples of how we can meet your project challenges.

Senior Housing

Please take a look at the cut sheets for some of our commercial and industrial projects for examples of the kinds of projects we could do for you.


You can get your retail, manufacturing, warehousing, or permitting project completely managed from start to finish with Adams & Clark, Inc.

Commercial / Industrial

You'll find some examples of our education projects on these cut sheets. We can handle your project needs from land surveying to campus planning.


You'll find everything you need from campus feasibility studies, through primary utility design, and mass earthwork design with Adams & Clark, Inc.


Good site selection, land surveying, and civil engineering design, are all elements you need to design a great wireless facility.


You will find out everything to maximize radio frequency and find stable, suitable ground for your installation. We can also assist you with selecting the types of equipment including framewok and fences that may be needed.



Your parks and recreation project is in good hands with Adams & Clark, Inc. Your special challenges, like historic site preservation, are our specialty.


You'll get everything you need from access feasibility studies and environmental evaluation to land planning and landscape architecture.

Parks and Recreation

Your transportation construction project requires special attention to the details of long term planning. We can handle that challenge for you.


From the initial impact studies, to the design, down to construction staking, Adams & Clark, Inc. can handle your transportation-related challenges.