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When you have Adams & Clark, Inc. do your landscape architecture, you'll get a well-coordinated project design and production effort aimed at making your land development project smooth and efficient from start to finish.


Adams & Clark, Inc. has nealy 70 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering and surveying, in addition to our landscape architecture services, so you'll receive the benefit of multi-disciplinary thinking behind your design - covering all the land development variables.


Well-coordinated project design and production

Your project will be beautiful in every sense of the word. We strive to make every project aesthetically pleasing with plants that are appropriate to the site and an efficient use of the land available, with environmentally sensitive drainage.


We are also committed to making your design easy to use, with well-planned vehicular and pedestrian access and proper irrigation and utility systems.

Beautiful, efficient, and environmentally sensitive designs

For your convenience, our landscape architecture professionals are licensed in Washington and Idaho.

Call today and have your project challenges met with us.



Entryway landscaping for senior community

Residential development fence border